5 BEST cruise WEDDING tips!!

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Weddings at sea can be the ultimate in romance. Imagine tying the knot under a palm tree on a Caribbean island or being married by a uniformed captain in the middle of the ocean. And cruise-ship weddings are necessarily small, meaning you don’t have to worry who is going to drive Great Aunt Hilda to the wedding or how to get out of inviting all those uncouth second cousins.

On the other hand, planning a cruise wedding involves some logistical challenges that a land-based wedding in your hometown does not. You’ll need to figure out how to get a wedding license in Jamaica or think through a Plan B if bad weather or mechanical troubles cause your ship to call off a port visit on your intended wedding day. Plus, do you really want your mother-in-law on your honeymoon cruise?

If you’re thinking about a wedding on board or in port, here are some key things to consider before you take the plunge. Read More…