5 rising Star Kids of Bollywood

5 rising Star Kids of Bollywood

This year will see a number of star kids making their debut on the silver screen. While some have already set the stage on fire with their amazing performances, others are waiting in the wings to woo audiences. Read more...

When Sonam and Deepika got it ‘just right’

When Sonam and Deepika got it 'just right'

Bollywood’s The pretty lass and queen of fashion – Sonam Kapoor – might be having a tough time winning laurels for her acting skills. But the young star counteracts any disparagement by her success in the world of vogue.

With her contemporaries such as Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma gaining most of the meaty roles in tinseltown, the savvy Ms Kapoor has wisely shifted her focus and energy towards becoming the Indian face of fashion on the global platform.

Let’s go through a little comparison of both banging diva:  Read More…

SEXY midriff show of B’Town DIVAS…

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Recently, two very hot Bollywood stars sported crop-tops at red-carpet events.What this trend tells us is that these ladies have no qualms about showing off their gym-toned midriffs and are actually proud to flaunt their washboard abs.

Take a look at some of the Bollywood hotties who have carried off this look with pizzazz over the past year: Read More…

Flower power of Bollywood divas!!

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The flower power is back.And Bollywood sizzling beauties are ready to flaunt it.The young ladies of Bollywood have been looking dazzling all the events. Check out who has wore floral dresses in past and in what way!! Read More..