5 Different Types Of Kisses To Give Your Partner

5 Different Types Of Kisses To Give Your Partner

You should use different types of kisses in order to keep things interesting. You don’t want your relationship to feel stale, because you’re stuck doing the same things all of the time. Here are a few different types of kisses that will make your partner swoon…

5 Signs Your Man is Emotionally Unavailable

5 Signs Your Man is Emotionally Unavailable

If you feel like you’re pulling teeth with two thumbs and no anesthesia every time you try to get your guy to talk about his feelings, well, you wouldn’t be alone. Plenty of men find they can’t, because they’re cut off from their emotions. Here are 5 signs your guy is emotionally unavailable.

Tips To Seduce Her In 36 Secs

Tips To Seduce Her In 36 Secs

We hated each others friends and could never agree on how long dirty dishes could stay in the sink. But all he had to do was kiss that tiny web of skin between my index and middle fingers for 60 seconds. Foreplay can be optional-as long as you can perform one of these heat-cranking tricks.read more…