Triplets confused their parents

Triplets confused their parents

Twins and Triplets childrens are always seen very same that their parents get confused to identify them. Well, one family have come up with their own way of making sure they can by colour coding their triplets’ toe nails to tell them apart. Proud mum and dad Karen and Ian Gilbert, from Pontypool, South Wales, had to buy bright nail varnish so they know which of their little more…

Significance of worshiping Hanuman

Significance of worshiping Hanuman

Lord Hanuman among all Gods and Goddesses is the undying one. His form is a combination of apes and humans. Any poor man who worships Lord Hanuman can become rich and if a rich man worships him, he too never gets poor. Have a look on the important things that you get after doing lord Hanuman worship-