The most PRECIOUS Tattoo in the world!

The most PRECIOUS Tattoo in the world!

A diamond tattoo!
That’s right, a tattoo made of freakin’ diamonds. Regular folk who don’t have the luxury of eating gold-plated Cheerios for breakfast may pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have a great ink-based tattoo done. But then there are those hyper elites that demands that even the ink in their tattoo be made of precious gems. Just look at her; shes got those demeaning eyes that reveal her judgemental thoughts about how amusingly poor you are and how ugly your non-diamond skin is.

B-Town Divas and their sexy inking

B-Town Divas and their sexy inking

Getting permanent tattoos is a trend that has been prevalent in the world since centuries. But over the period of time, the trend has become more of an art for the tattoo-artists, and a medium of expression for the tattoo-bearer. Our very own Bollywood celebs are somewhat responsible for the trend becoming rampant in India. Here we have the Top 7 Bollywood celebs that sport a tattoo. Read More…