5 Fun Rides Around The World

5 Fun Rides Around The World

A funicular is just a “railway” that goes up and down an incline by various methods of propulsion from water to electric. Fun funiculars usually offer something more than just a short railways trip-


One day baby is ready to swim

One day baby is ready to swim

He is so tiny he fits easily into his father’s hands, still so young he has barely opened his eyes for more than a few minutes. But at one day old, Master Phoenix Charles Elwell, all pink and wrinkly, is taking happily to the water. For Phoenix is the youngest child ever to be enrolled as a Water Baby in a national programme aimed at making swimming not just safe, but fun for all the family.

Covered Kim in Nude colored Top

Covered Kim in Nude colored Top

The reality star Kim Kardashian always sizzles in over exposing outfits, but this time Kim covered herself in an oversized blazer but she choose nude coloured top under it. She was sizzling in a modest long-sleeved top and knee-length leggings while attending the Balmain after party in Paris.read more…


8 Beauty Hacks For Girls

8 Beauty Hacks For Girls

When it comes to beauty, we have all got a few tricks up our sleeve. Here are some tips for beauty.


5 Everyday Stuff You Need To Clean

5 Everyday Stuff You Need To Clean

We clean our dishes, wash our clothes and mop, but what about those little things we come into contact with daily. Once you see the list, you’ll wonder how you forgot them.read more…


15 Amazing Images From The Week!

15 Amazing Images From The Week!

Here is a glimpse at what happened around the world last week.read more….


5 Jewelry Trends That Will Always Be In Fashion

5 Jewelry Trends That Will Always Be In Fashion

Growing up, I always tried to be trendy and edgy when it came to my jewelry.Look for some classic jewelry trends to try out-