Top 5 Miracles of WATER

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It’s a fact that body contains 70% of Water. To maintain the hydration of body it is essential to drink atleast 7-8 glasses of water a day in winters but on a shocking side we are not gonna tell you how much water you should drink but the uncommon miracles of H2o… Read More…

HEALTH benefits of TRAVELING revealed!!

HEALTH benefits of TRAVELING revealed!!, study,  traveling,  health,  healthy holiday,  health benefits of traveling revealed

Traveling is good for your heart and your brain, according to a new study.New research by the Global Commission on Aging and Trans America Center for Retirement Studies ties traveling to decreased risk of heart attack and depression, and better brain function.

Eighty-nine percent of study participants reported feeling significantly less stress after only one to two days away on their trips, the study found. Read More…

Say No to COFFEE and YES to Beer:Know why!!

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When your friends are doing beer party you say no!! Or even if you drink a cane you feel guilty for your health. Next time you congratulate yourself for choosing a coffee over a beer, you might want to think again.Researchers have discovered that caffeine can shorten life expectancy, while alcohol can increase it. Read More…..