Let us introduce you to Polygamous Relationship!

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Polygamous relationship stands for: A serious trusting relationship with multiple partners (because it’s not cheating if you have no secrets and all partners are alright with you bringing another into the group) and without marriage (because marriage is only used by governments and religions to control stupid people).

Here are some tips to handle a polygamous relationship… Read More…

Hooking Up with your Ex? why you shouldn’t!

Hooking Up with your Ex? why you should not, hooking up,  hooking up with your ex,  reasons to avoid,  ex boyfriend,  relationship,  dating,  love and romance

Hooking up with your ENEMY is truly a bad idea, because people lie to themselves and each other about how healed they are or how much over a relationship they are. If you have already indulged yourself in it don’t worry. we are here to let yourself out from that crap! after all your Ex is your ex for a reason. Read More…