Best Seafood Restaurants In Pune

Best Seafood Restaurants In Pune

Home to people from different cities and countries, the city is a melting pot of cultures. The influence is quite visible in different types of food served here. So, if you are looking for authentic seafood in the city, we have top five restaurants in in Pune that specialise in seafood:

5 Best Delites Of America

5 Best Delites Of America

Delis in America tend to be a cross between fast-food joints and small grocery stores, offering made-to-order sandwiches, salads, cold cuts and cheeses, and some hot food. Typically, they are Jewish delis here, but not always, some sell ham in the southeast, for instance, while others serve up Vietnamese banh mi in the more…

5 Best Resturtants in Dubai Offering Indian Food

5 Best Resturtants in Dubai Offering Indian Food

In addition to its glittering souks, swanky malls and luxurious hotels, there’s really no dearth of restaurants in Dubai serving mouth-watering Indian fare. Head to these Indian food havens when you’re craving for fiery curries and delicate kababs in Dubai, and you won’t be more…

Seafood Restaurants Of Kolkata

Seafood Restaurants Of Kolkata

For seafood lovers, these restaurants in Kolkata should definitely be on your radar. Known by both locals and tourists for dishing out some of the most sumptuous fishy fare in the city, they do complete justice to Kolkata’s river-side location, and have diners flocking to their tables for lunch and more…