Sexually Abused Celebs!

Sexually Abused Celebs!

Rape, child abuse, molestation is a major cause for concern and if you think it is the average woman who gets victimized, you are wrong! Quite a few celebrities have recently opened up about their horrific experiences to reveal their haunting more….

Top 5 Mismatched Jodis Of Bollywood

Top 5 Mismatched Jodis Of Bollywood

Over the years Bollywood’s given us some sizzling on-screen couples who have reintroduced the meaning of love. It’s a popular belief that casting directors have it easy, but there have been quite a few instances where they have ideated and presented us with the most awful jodis ever seen more…

Bollywood Babes Saree Slip Moments

Bollywood Babes Saree Slip Moments

Saree is always considered as one of the favourite outfits among the Indian ladies. And it has successfully got recognition worldwide too. Despite of too much skin shows by wearing lingerie and bikini these days, Bollywood babes still prefer saree to attend the public events or on silver screens. read more…