Significance of Durga Puja on Navratri

Significance of Durga Puja on Navratri

Navratri, one of the most important festivals in India is popularly known as the festival of worship and dance. The word Navaratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit, Nava meaning Nine and Ratri meaning nights. In Hindu mythology the festival is hugely celebrated as the victory Goddess Shakti (Maa Durga) over demon Mahishasura. read more…

Astro Remedies related with Child

Astro Remedies related with Child

Astrology is the solution fro many problems. Many times we see that the ladies are suffering a lot because of children. The suffer can be of various types, like not having child or regular illness to child and many more. Hence there are some astro remedies for those women who are upset with child related problems…

How to get Rid of Domestic Violence

How to get Rid of Domestic Violence

This is an astrological remedy for getting mental peace. If one goes strictly by astrology, Moon is the planet, normally associated with mental peace and bliss. If the Moon is positioned in a malefic house or if there is an adverse transit, then the native finds that peace of mind is hard to come. There are some remedies to come up from the Domestic Violence-

SEXUAL qualities according to Zodiac Sign

Sex is the most important part of life and you can enjoy it fully when it is balanced. On the other Astrology effect plays a vital role in our life. When both this factor is combined and maintained you can make you can make your love life happy. Read More…