5 Fun Rides Around The World

5 Fun Rides Around The World

A funicular is just a “railway” that goes up and down an incline by various methods of propulsion from water to electric. Fun funiculars usually offer something more than just a short railways trip-


5 Natural Hair Mask To Make At Home

5 Natural Hair Mask To Make At Home

The good news is that you can create natural hair masks at home with the most basic ingredients: they cost a lot less than hair masks you’ll find on the high street, and they’re better for your hair too. Here are my top 5, which you can whip up in a matter of minutes to whip your hair into tip-top shape.read more….

5 Dubai’s Hottest Nightclubs

5 Dubai's Hottest Nightclubs

If you’re heading to the emirate with the sole aim of letting your hair down, then you’re not likely to be disappointed. Just make sure you’re at your fashionable best-Dubai isn’t a place you can expect to party in shorts and sandals.read more….

Well-Liked Bars In New York City

Well-Liked Bars In New York City

When you’re looking for delicious cocktails, rare beer or just stunning views,these New York City five bars has something unique going for it. These are also very popular with the locals and you can totally expect to strike up conversations over a drink.read more…

Matchless Bars Of Abu Dhabi

Matchless Bars Of Abu Dhabi

There’s quite a smattering of bars and pubs in the capital emirate which cater to visitors as well as the large expat population of Abu Dhabi. You won’t really find a surfeit of wine shops but there’s no dearth of watering holes to get a drink after your day’s itinerary is done.read more…


Late-Night Partying In Kuala Lumpur

Late-Night Partying In Kuala Lumpur

With the sunset, the Kuala Lumpur city turns into a dizzying hub of sky high bars, fashionable jazz clubs and good old discos. Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife has something to appeal to all tastes and here are a few venues that promise an incredible night-out in the Malaysian capital.read more…