5 Do’s And Dont’s For Texting Boys

5 Do's And Dont's For Texting Boys

Don’t worry about how to say hi or how to end a conversation.These guidelines will help sort out that baffled and confused feeling you get when wanting to text a guy. read more…


5 Naughty And Spicy App You Must Try

5 Naughty And Spicy App You Must Try

A surge in smartphone users of all ages and personalities has lead to an app market that can cater to almost any need, including providing a fun (and sexy) way to spend an evening or weekend. Available across Android, Windows and Apple products, and costing nothing, here’s the naughty apps you need to check out..

Quick Tips To Avoid Dating Disasters!

Quick Tips To Avoid Dating Disasters!

Getting ready for a date…. Experts suggest avoid certain things like talking about ex-partners, excess alcohol intake and physical intimacy.read more….


Play It Safe This Weekend!!

Play It Safe This Weekend!!

Some people enjoy anal sex while others do not. Any sexual activity performed with mutual consent and in a way that is safe from infections, an unwanted pregnancy and harm of any sort is fine.read more….


10 Tips To Make Solo S*X Mindblowing!

10 Tips To Make Solo S*X Mindblowing!

If you are like many women, you have had a long-term relationship and, with concentration, can yourself get the deed done during a commercial break-without even muting the TV-if you so choose.read more…


Women Want Experienced Men In Bed!!

Women Want Experienced Men In Bed!!

A new study has found that women want to be bedded by experienced men, but men prefer to have women who have had no experience whatsoever.read more…


7 types of Sexiest Sex

7 types of Sexiest Sex

There are many different types of sex, but there are a few types that can get you moist in an instant. And they’re the sexiest types of sex you’ve ever indulged in. Check out and try it: