How To Create the Perfect Eyebrow

How To Create the Perfect Eyebrow

If you want perfect eyebrows, you have a few options: you can go to a salon and get them waxed or threaded, or you could can create the perfect shape yourself. Follow these tips for beautiful more….


5 Makeup Tips For Spectacle Women

5 Makeup Tips For Spectacle Women

It’s time to learn how to wear makeup with glasses and stop hiding your gorgeous eyes. Here are five awesome tips and tricks to achieve the best look. read more…

6 Beauty Items Fixed With Bacteria

6 Beauty Items Fixed With Bacteria

Nothing that’s part of your beauty routine is completely germ-free. Obviously, you can’t avoid anything and everything in your medicine cabinet-but read on to find out what you should really be looking out for germ-wise in your everyday more…


5 Awesome Eyeliners to Transform your EYES!!

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Here are 5 great liners to try to get a long lasting transforming effect. Read More…


Stick to Berry lipstick this season!

Stick to Berry lipstick this season!, how to wear berry lipstick,  berry lipstick color,  make up tips,  beauty tips

Here are the tips to achieve a striking beauty look with bold berry lipstick.. Read More…


5 makeup trend to FOLLOW this Winter!!

5 makeup trend to FOLLOW this Winter!!, beauty,  makeup trends,  trends,  makeup,  dramatic makeup,  wine lips,  cat eyeliner,  red lipstick,  gold glitter eye,  grey smokey eyes

The holidays are all about getting festive with your face. As the temperature down lights getting cozier light and party is getting hot…it’s the right time for more dramatic makeup.These looks are surefire holiday hits, whether you are wearing them to a soiree or just day to day. Read More…