Natural Coloured Bras For Darker Skin!

Natural Coloured Bras For Darker Skin!

When many think of the term nude, the image that often comes to mind is of something on the paler end of the spectrum, as these shades are usually labelled ‘nude’ whether it be make-up, heels or more…


Gorgeous Watches for Women

Gorgeous Watches for Women

When it comes to women’s watches, there’s a style for every occasion. The smart thing to do would be to choose a classic watch you could wear every day. These watches are classic, but at the same far from more…

The most PRECIOUS Tattoo in the world!

The most PRECIOUS Tattoo in the world!

A diamond tattoo!
That’s right, a tattoo made of freakin’ diamonds. Regular folk who don’t have the luxury of eating gold-plated Cheerios for breakfast may pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have a great ink-based tattoo done. But then there are those hyper elites that demands that even the ink in their tattoo be made of precious gems. Just look at her; shes got those demeaning eyes that reveal her judgemental thoughts about how amusingly poor you are and how ugly your non-diamond skin is.